Tips to be a better real estate marketer

Becoming a better real estate agent isn't just about talking to clients. A number of elements take place behind the scenes, and few are as important as marketing.

Becoming a better real estate agent isn't just about talking to clients. A number of elements take place behind the scenes, and few are as important as marketing.

In fact, the best professionals can promote themselves and their business successfully, and that starts with a great strategy. Across the country, markets can shift quickly, and one day conditions could be great - and the next, no so much. Therefore, all real estate agents should commit to advertising themselves, their services and their listings. A well-laid plan could produce a big boost to business.

Focus and prepare for the best marketing
Many marketing strategies are thrown off course without the needed focus. According to Dean Jackson, in an article for, all real estate professionals should dedicate one day a week just for this aspect of the company. 

Jackson explained that time is an important factor in any good strategy. In that case, real estate agents should always make sure to devote enough energy into marketing. Having one day set aside for this expressed purpose can be helpful. Work doesn't need to take up the entire day, it can only be a block of several hours. However, just setting this much time aside could increase productivity dramatically.

In addition, Jackson noted that some real estate agents tackle too much ground when marketing. A better idea is to focus on one single target audience, like investors interested in foreclosed houses. A large territory can be great, but it can get complicated. Instead, simplicity is more ideal. Once an agent established him or herself in a specific niche, then they can expand.

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Improve marketing with better content
A great marketing campaign with a specific target audience could still miss the mark without solid content. Jessica Lyon, senior vice president of Connecticut-based PR firm Co-Communications, wrote in an article for that videos and images are gaining popularity when it comes to communication.

Lyon explained that more engaging, interactive forms of media do more to draw in clients. These types of imagery can attract attention, and also keep people paying attention. Today's world is quite advertising-heavy, which means real estate agents will need to set themselves apart from the pack. Social media could be one way to do that, with sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine more popular now.

Also, each marketing strategy needs to be backed by strong content with value, Lyon added. Being able to provide information is key, and resources like property data could help bolster any advertisement. Overall, clients need to get something out of the campaign, and that can be achieved with links to other sources. A tweet could include a URL to another blog post, which could have a YouTube video imbedded in it. Either way, real estate agents have to provide in-depth, exciting content for potential clients.

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